Britwell Mural Project

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Project Brief:

“We would like to work with local artists and young people on the design and creation of high quality artwork on a 50 metre concrete wall in the Britwell area. It is important to fully engage local young people in the design process as well as ensure that the final work of art is a good quality and a standard that is fitting for local people to view and appropriate work to have in the public realm. The work must be beautiful and stylized to enhance the area and celebrate the local identity. Themes could also be cycling, journeys, local history, landmarks, identity and stories or an abstract and decorative pattern with meaning for the young people.”

Britwell statistics:

  • Britwell is one of the most deprived areas of Slough. Britwell features amongst the 10% most deprived in the South East and 20% nationally.
  • Slough is currently ranked (average) 93rd most deprived district in the Index of Multiple Deprivation. It remains the most deprived Local Authority area in Berkshire.
  • Deprivation in Slough is relatively more widespread and more severe than in many other areas. There are particular domains of deprivation within Slough (such as Britwell) that are more extreme.
  • Slough ranks as most deprived area within Berkshire for Income Deprivation (Britwell has the highest concentration).
  • Slough ranks as the second most deprived area within Berkshire for Employment Deprivation. Only 6% of residents from Britwell are in professional occupations.
  • Crime in Britwell is 51.3% in most deprived 10% nationally and rated as more deprived than average.

(Evidence taken from Slough Borough Council and Index of Deprivation for England)

Slough Borough Council – Final Report: 

(Britwell Mural Project – January – April 2011)

“It is with pleasure and delight that this short report documents the success of the Britwell Mural project. It has been a project that involved a broad range of community groups and representatives as well as the young people themselves. This project was designed to allow the young people of Britwell to make a positive contribution to the local environment and create an informal learning opportunity for them to create art work/ printing and stencilling onto the newly constructed wall between Monksfield Way and Wentworth Avenue. The main aims of the project were:

  • To improve the visual impression of the new wall in Britwell
  • To engage local young people in the design and creation of a mural
  • Use the arts to present a positive impression of young people in Britwell
  • Encourage a greater sense of public responsibility among young people
  • Provide a positive and enriching creative opportunity for local young people

Over 35 people attended a ‘drop in’ session at the community centre where the artist presented his designs and discussed the sketch books. Over 78 people per day walk through the alleyway.

A local resident (adjacent to the mural) can hear many people walk by and comment positively on the mural. Over 1000 squares were stencilled onto the 24 panels of the 42 metre wall to create this highly stylised design to look like digital pixels.

The final work on the wall says ‘made in Britwell’. This a project that included a variety of people, brightened up an area, left a lasting image that local people can be proud of and demonstrates that young people can make a positive contribution to where they live.”

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