Chalvey Mural Project

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“We are currently working on a project to improve the walking and cycling access to the Jubilee River along the public footpath that runs adjacent to the Chalvey Waste and Recycling Centre.  As part of this we want to paint the concrete boundary wall on the footpath side and place a mural on one section of it. The idea is that the mural would be designed in conjunction with a professional artist and the local Slough and Eton School.

This work will help to make a very dull area much more attractive and in doing so will contribute to council objectives of encouraging walking and cycling using the sustainable transport network, improving community cohesion and perceptions of safety.  This footpath is a major off road route from residential Slough to the pleasant surrounds of the Jubilee River and further on to Windsor and Eton, though in its current condition you would not realise it.

The brief is to initially represent recycling and what comes of it; then sustainability; walking and cycling as desirable modes of transport/exercise and where the path leads to which is the attractive natural environment/biodiversity of the Jubilee River.


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