About us

Charity Number : 1148743

Our mission:

Our mission is to empower young people to become positive, active members of their community and society as a whole through a wide range of creative projects.

Our aim:

Our overall aim is to inspire and to stimulate young people, who may otherwise be difficult to reach, to realise their own potential through an appreciation of the arts, creative or otherwise.

Our history:

Beat Routes began in 2004 as a series of music workshops for young people in and around Slough (Berkshire.) The sessions provided a safe, positive and inspiring space, stimulating personal expression and the sharing of talents in a group of previously hard-to-reach young people, many of whom were involved in gangs and had rejected other youth programs.

Our projects:

The workshops started with DJ technique and live MC performances, evolving to cover music history, recording techniques, creative writing, dance, photography, film & graphic design.

Now, over a decade on, Beat Routes has established refined, ambitious and structured projects with a critical emphasis on the open, freeform quality that attracted young people to them in the beginning.